Your passport must be your Identity Card in New Zealand. You must have one if you are travelling with your working holiday visa, as it is accepted and recognized by everyone. Contact your local government and apply for a “liquor license”. The boards are responsible for processing liquor licence applications. Again, the staff will demand to see an acceptable form of you that proves that you are not a minor to buy alcohol. And the form must confirm your identification. Government affairs, current and photographic forms are those that are accepted. You cannot renew your licence because the three-year licence term is a fixed mandatory period during which the zero alcohol limit must apply. At the end of the three-year licence term, the zero alcohol licence expires and you are no longer authorised. You will need to revert to a standard driver`s license if you want to continue.

In New Zealand, only driving licences issued in New Zealand (as opposed to foreign driving licences) are accepted as proof of age, making the Kiwi Access Card an ideal proof of age for backpackers, anyone with a working holiday visa, as well as international students and other visitors to New Zealand. You will need an age card or post-key passport to prove that you are eligible to purchase alcohol. This can be any type of photo ID. Apprenticeship permits also work. The same applies to the driving licence. By the way, you can use Australian and foreign driver`s licenses. Since young people are declining because of addiction to alcohol, drugs and such harmful things, crime has become easy for them. This is one of the main reasons why so many young people choose to steal, fight in the streets and drive illegally. On this site you will find information on how to apply for a liquor license or download an information brochure (PDF, 952KB) Read the information source of Te Hiringa Hauora – National Guide to distance selling of alcohol (PDF, 141KB). In addition, you should know that there is no legal right to buy alcohol. So if someone has chosen not to sell or serve the alcohol, that`s not legally wrong.

Usually, if you do not refuse to provide proof of your age, such circumstances do not occur. So familiarize yourself with our quick guide on what you can and can`t show as ID. You can`t just show an old ID in New Zealand to buy alcohol. There are only three forms of valid ID, which we will review in the following article. If you want to buy alcohol (or alcohol as it is more commonly known) in New Zealand or sometimes enter the bars and clubs where it is sold, you will need to present an ID to prove that you are 18 years of age or older. Even if you think you look particularly mature, it`s still worth being prepared, as some establishments require to see ID from anyone who appears to be under the age of 25. The laws regarding acceptable photo ID are very strict here and only three different types can be used. And now you know what forms of identity are acceptable for buying alcohol. This drink is certainly controversial for a number of reasons and therefore an identity check is not something you should not do. Either after completing the ignition interlock license level of the alcohol ignition interlock program, or if you have received a zero alcohol autonomous penalty, you must apply for your zero alcohol driver`s license from a driver.

Note: If you have an alcohol ignition interlock driver`s licence, you are still subject to the terms and conditions of your ignition interlock driver`s licence (i.e., you can only drive vehicles equipped with an alcohol interlock device) until you have applied for and received your alcohol-free driver`s licence. The forms of identification approved in accordance with the 2013 regulations on the sale and delivery of alcohol are: When traveling, some tourists misunderstand and believe that the seller is mean in trying to verify his identity card as if he were committing a crime. But there are a lot of places that are very strict with alcohol content, as I said earlier. So when someone asks you for ID in a new place, it`s actually something they have to do, and no, they`re not trying to be rude. If you have a non-alcoholic driver`s license, you must have the driver`s license for three years, during which time you must comply with a zero alcohol limit while driving. Some like to believe that they look mature enough not to face such a thing. But in fact, in New Zealand, they really check strictly before giving alcohol. Some facilities require you to see id if you appear to be under the age of 25. .